So, what exactly do you get in Canva Pro that you don’t get in the free Canva account? Is it worth the cost of the upgrade?

Those are two very good quesitons, and it really depends on what you want to use the Canva for. If you just want to create simple images on a very tight budget, then you don’t need to spend anything. Canva is simply awesome as it is. However, there are some scenarios where Canva Pro is really a must-have, and I’ll try and outline a few of those here.

Canva Pro Cost - Could work out cheaper than free.

Now, you see those crown icons and £ signs on the graphical elements in the screenshot above. Those are paid items, they are not included in the free version of Canva. However, the crown items are included if you upgrade to Canva Pro [A].

They’re handy if you want to include premium clip-art on your images. However, you’ll see those icons all over the place when you’re using the free version of Canva. It can become a little frustrating as it slows your workflow down. So, the first reason to upgrade maybe to save time, especially if you’re really busy. You don’t want to add extra work to your content creation having to dodge the premium content.

Magic Resize Pro

So, if you want to generate work that is re-purposed and used in many different places. Such as, social posts to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. where they all have different post shapes and sizes. Then, the “Magic Resize” pro feature is probably going to be a good solution.

Sure, you can manually create and re-create each post image in the free version, but Magic Resize allows you to select your preferred post type(s). Then Canva Pro will automatically copy and resize a single design to fit all of the ones you want. Ok, so there may be a little bit of editing here and there to get them exactly as you want, but it’s certainly going to save you a bunch of time each time you use it.

Brand Kit Pro

If you have a well defined brand, there are things you will want to do to preserve that brand identity. You will want all your materials to use the same colour combinations. Want everything to utilise the same high quality logos. Have custom or pre-chosen fonts that you want to use consistently. Well, that’s where the “Brand Kit” pro feature comes in.

Your logos, colours and fonts will atuomatically be set as the defaults for all designs you and your team create. So, you get that consistent look you are looking for.

Animation Pro

You’ve probably seen those animated GIF images on Twitter, Tumblr and on websites. They really catch attention and help fuel engagement. You can create them easily in Canva Pro and export them as either MP4 videos or as GIF images.

There are seven animation styles to choose from, including:

  • Fade
  • Pan
  • Block
  • Rise
  • Breathe
  • Slide
  • Simple
Animated using the “Slide” style.

So you can animate elements on your design, but they are a bit limited and you can’t control what you want to animate and where. It would be better if you could pick an element, then an animation style and finally where you want it to go from and to. What is there is quick and creates a nice effect, but it could be better.

Premium Content

As I mentioned earlier, in the free edition of Canva you do need to dodge the premium content, and that can get time consuming and tiresome. However, more to the point, that premium content will also save you a ton of time. You don’t need to go searching for icons or clip art from loads of different external sources and then upload them. They’re all there in Canva Pro. Finding the right fonts is much faster if you can pick whichever one looks right, rather than having to scroll around to find a free one that may not be quite what you’re looking for.

The same goes for the stock photos and backgrounds. When you’re using the free version it’s quite irritating to just find the perfect image to then realise you have to pay for it.

With Canva Pro you get access to all the premium content. That’s over 3 million photos, 500 premium fonts and over 500,000 premium illustrations and icons in elements section.

Teams and Roles

As you add more members you can build a team, and set different roles and permissions within the team too. Those rolse and permissions are:

  • Owner – The person who has set up the team. They manage the team, produce new templates, make and edit the brand kit.
  • Administrator – They can assign user roles, produce templates, make and edit the brand kit.
  • Member – They can create designs based on brand templates or from scratch.
  • Template Designer – This role is excludive to Canva Pro teams. The template designer produces templates and can make edits to the brand kit.

So How Much is Canva Pro?

It does depend a little on how you want to pay for it, but essentially Canva have a monthly plan and a yearly plan. The monthly plan works out at $12.95 or £10.99 per member. The yearly plan works out at $9.95 or £8.99 per member per month, but you have to pay the whole year at once. So for the year it’s $119.40 or £107.88.

Is it Worth the Cost of Upgrading?

I think it is, the upgrade will save you time and give you a lot of premium content which will save you money elsewhere. I have upgraded to Canva Pro myself and I wholeheartedly recommend the product – it’s awesome.

If you sign up for Canva Pro using my affiliate link I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. So if you would like to support this blog then please sign up for Canva Pro today.