Nothing for Sale Here

Hi, thank’s for visiting dizzigo®. Just so you know, there’s nothing for sale here. Uh! Yes, you read that right. I’m not selling you anything, it’s all free. So, if you want to support dizzigo® just use an affiliate link for anything you want to try/buy – they’re identified with an [A] link to the affiliate partnerships disclosure page. Unfortunately, not everything has an affiliate program, c’est la vie.

The dizzigo® business model is what I would call “open source consulting”, the content is all free. Consultations are free. Our revenue comes from commission received for the products or services we recommend (where they give some).

I hope you find my blog posts useful. If so, feel free to tweet me, what’s app me or use the contact page if you want to ask me anything about social media, websites, startups, entrepreneurship or digital technology.

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