Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Grant Crawley, founder of Ltd. Since 1992, I have been providing IT services to customers ranging from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations. In 1995 I put web applications in the cloud, before it was even called the cloud. I’ve done just about everything in IT from building desktop PCs, installing network cabling to writing software. In 1994, I started developing websites, back then the tools were primitive to say the least. I’ve watched the Internet grow and develop right from it’s infancy to what it has become today.

I founded Dizzigo to provide world class training programmes and consultancy services to help start-ups and SMEs. The aim is to show you how to use the Internet to make the most of your business. Everything from a basic understanding of what the Internet is, right through to social media marketing and website project management consultancy.

For now, the team is just me. I plan on growing the business rapidly, so if you want to get on the elevator at the ground floor please contact me to discuss the opportunities.

To read more about me and my history please feel free to take a look at my personal blog page at

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