When I started out in business the Internet was in its infancy, there were no Internet marketing services at all. In fact, the best way to market on the Internet back then was to chat with folks on Usenet. Usenet was the pre-cursor to forums and social media.

Internet marketing services from dizzigo®

In 1994 I launched an e-commerce site in the niche market of Linux operating systems. It was surprisingly successful, considering Linux is a free product.

The Internet has moved on, and almost nobody uses Usenet feeds today. But the basic premise and concepts are the same. Usenet has become Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and a multitude of forums.

Remember Yahoo?

Do you remember Yahoo’s hierarchical listings? They have all but disappeared and been replaced by Google and it’s advanced search algorithms. Because there are just too many websites to put them into a meaningful hierarchy.

Yahoo in 1994

Back in 1994, there were less than 3,000 websites and just over 25 million Internet users. Getting noticed was much easier then. Now there’s about 1.5 billion websites and over 4 billion Internet users.

Your new customers are out there. It’s just a matter of working out who they are and the best way for you to reach them.

However, these new tools present businesses with much more power to reach your audience. If you know how to use them. That’s where dizzigo® comes in, with a range of intelligent Internet marketing services to help your business grow online.

Integrated Internet marketing services

At Dizzigo® we think Internet marketing needs a holistic approach to maximise the effectiveness. By that, we don’t just mean SEO, Social Media and a Website.

Holistic means everything, all-encompassing and integrated. Including: branding, website, SEO, social media, lead magnets, sales funnels, email, content, influencers, advertising, paid search and traditional media.

We provide individual services and free content for each of those areas. Each one is valid and useful in its own right. But, to take your business to the next level you really need to have the whole mix working in unison.

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