Are you continually hearing marketing folks telling you to “Pixel your audience“? Do you want to maximise your advertising effectiveness on Facebook and Instagram? Do you need to setup a Facebook pixel?

Facebook Pixel online training

If your answer is “yes” to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sure you can do it yourself, just like you can fix leaky plumbing yourself. But do you really want to? Are you going to do it right? Maybe, but possibly not!

Are you targeting the wrong audience when you advertise on Facebook? Are you paying over the odds for your Facebook ad clicks (CPC)? Is your Facebook and Instagram advertising ineffective? Probably!

Facebook ad targeting

In this info-packed one-hour session I explain how to target your perfect audience on Facebook and drive down the cost per click (CPC) for your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

At the end of the hour, if you’re not completely satisfied I’ll give you your money back.

Why my Facebook Pixel training?

You Zoom with me, one-on-one, to setup and install Facebook pixel on your website. Then, you can start capturing the marketing information you need.

I walk you through every step of the process in easy to understand plain English.

I explain what the important options are and the kinds of advertising campaigns you can run on Facebook and Instagram.

Before the session I will email you a checklist of things you need to do to prepare and get the most out of the session.

After the session you will receive a link to my step-by-step instructions, and a Zoom recording of our session so you can re-run the whole training as many times as you like.

All this for the introductory offer price of £49. You should recoup the cost with improved targeting and reduced CPC in no time. If you’re not satisfied I’ll give you your money back.

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You want results, and the only way to get them is to take action. So, the sooner you do, the quicker your marketing will start performing the way you think it should.

Don’t forget, I offer a satisfaction guarantee.