So you’ve got your Twitter account set up and uploaded your profile photo. But, wait… your profile page looks bare. There’s something missing, a Twitter header image – read on to find out how to create one easily in Canva.

Twitter header template
Twitter Header Template

As of August 2019, the optimum twitter header image changed. This simple template ensures you don’t end up with important parts of your header image covered up by your profile photo. Watch the video below where I show you how to use the template in Canva [A] to quickly create a great header that looks fantastic on all devices.

Step 1. Download my Twitter header template

Download my Twitter header template from here:

Step 2. Start Canva

Open up and start a new design, select custom dimensions and enter 1500 wide x 500 high.

Step 3. Upload my Twitter header template

In Canva select the Uploads icon on the left button bar. Click the “Upload an image or video” button and browse to the twitter-header-template.png file you just downloaded.

Once uploaded, drag the image onto the work area. Then resize it to fill the entire area.

Step 4. Upload any logos and content

Using the same “Upload an image or video” button. Browse and upload any additional logos, content and background image you want on your Twitter header.

Step 5. Place your logos and content

Next, place your logos and content where you want them in your Twitter header. Avoid the “desktop profile picture” area in the bottom left corner.

Step 6. Place your background image

Place and size your background image and set it’s transparency to something like 30% using the “Transparency” icon in the top-right corner of the Canva working area.

The Twitter header template is visible through your background. Allowing you to see the covered areas on the three device types and arrange your content accordingly.

Once finished, simply change the transparency back to 100% and your Twitter header image is ready to download from Canva and add to your Twitter profile.