If you want the best email marketing system on the planet you really should make the most of it’s potential. ConvertKit is phenomenal. But if you’re not used to how flow charts work or don’t have knowledge of sales funnels then you may find you get a bit lost.

navigate the email jungle with our ConvertKit consultancy service

To help you navigate the email jungle, we offer a ConvertKit consultancy service. With over 28 years of email marketing and email server experience to draw upon, we are ideally placed to walk you through every step.

10 step process

We have a 10 step process to build out your email marketing infrastructure. You’ll need to provide the content, so we work closely with your business to ensure everything works in unison.

  1. Learn about your customers and products or services
  2. Construct your landing pages
  3. Design your tags and segmentation
  4. Integrate with your website
  5. Build your lead magnets
  6. Configure your email services
  7. Develop your automated sequences
  8. Build your broadcasts
  9. Test and improve open and engagement rates
  10. Understand the analytics

What’s the bottom line?

ConvertKit is charged based on the number of subscribers you have, it starts at $29 US per month for the full functionality for up to 2000 subscribers.

If you need professional business email hosting services, then our sister company Virtco® can help you with that.

We charge £50 per hour for our ConvertKit consultancy service, and should be able to get most small businesses up and running in under 10 hours. For more complicated businesses with multiple sales funnels then it’s most likely going to be more.

Please use the calendar below to book a FREE initial 30-minute strategy session to see how we can help.