Pixel your audience
July 22, 2020
You probably keep hearing marketing folks telling you that you need to "Pixel your audience". So what does that mean? Pixel is a small piece of code pro...
Social media and SEO: An integrated local approach
July 18, 2020
Most businesses are local businesses who serve their local communities. For certain, some businesses are larger and serve a wider area, or are niche and serve ...
Creating a Twitter Header in Canva
March 23, 2020
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10 Great Sources of Free Stock Photos
December 20, 2019
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What do you get in Canva Pro?
November 22, 2019
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Make a Twitter Post Infographic in Canva
November 21, 2019
I wanted to demonstrate how simple and easy it is to make a Twitter post infographic in Canva in just a few minutes. The video is under 10 minutes, including s...
3 Best Tools for Creating Social Media Images
November 9, 2019
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A Better Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website
November 6, 2019
Do you think SEO and search is the way to market your website? There is a cheaper and more effective way to drive website traffic, I'll show you how.